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Agile Talent I

I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Younger in NYC earlier this year during a business trip. Jon has recently founded the Agile Talent Collaborative, a non- profit cooperative organization after publishing the book, Agile Talent, which we are proudly a part of.  A naturally content human being, Jon is super excited to support agile talent staffing firms, corporate employers and independent workers with his work.

For those of you, who don’t know him, prior to his current work, Jon was a partner of the RBL Group, where he established and led the firm’s well-respected HR Transformation practice and was a director of the RBL Institute. Prior to RBL, he was corporate SVP and Chief Learning and Talent Officer of one of the largest U.S. financial services organizations, and even earlier, he was Managing Partner of the Novations Group, the global consulting firm and led the firm’s acquisition by Provant (NASDAQ). He was also EVP and Chief Operating Officer at NetValue USA, the French Internet firm and had began his career as an organization consultant for Exxon Mobil in Canada, where he eventually managed a global internal consulting team.

He continues to write, speak and consult selectively. He coaches senior executives and consultants like me 🙂 and teaches change leadership, HR transformation and strategic talent management all across the world.

Today, in part one of a two-episode interview, we are sharing with you about the idea originating the book of Agile Talent and why companies and HR colleagues should care. Enjoy!


  • 17 August 2016

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