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How TAD is Revolutionizing Organizational Effectiveness

Good Morning Everyone,

As promised during our introduction on Monday, we share with you a short video of us speaking with the founders of TAD® – Think.Act.Deliver, a strategy execution tool/ suite. We asked Carol Bubar, Director of Corporate Strategy and Bruno Lecoq, Chief Operating Officer for adaQuest, Inc. about strategy, why they saw a need for a product in the market, what differentiates TAD from competition, about the use and application.

I am sorry to report we also had a lot of fun behind the scenes and had to cut it to make sure the video is short enough for your consumption. 🙂

We hope this video gets you closer to the product and makes you curious about the methodology. For those interested in further information, we have strategic thinking and strategy execution workshops coming up in Seattle in September.



  • 3 August 2016

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