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Nº 136

Team Performance Through Intention, Interaction & Influence

On an every day basis, we rely on individuals and teams to help execute on our organisational strategies. And yet, we rarely talk about the individual or the teams?! Think of the last time you purposefully and intentionally nurtured someone and/or designed and deployed a team? Do you really know what drives team performance? Your team’s performance?

Human Capital Institute  and Whirling Chief share a passion to make work better through science and data!

We are proud to announce our contributor Bennett Bratt, Founder of Team Elements has been invited to take part in a research examining how organisations are designing and deploying teams.

In this video, Ben and colleagues share how we can discover to improve the performance of our working groups by: being intentional about team member composition, strengthening team leader skills and abilities, and offering development around interpersonal and task effectiveness.

We hope you enjoy!


  • 11 October 2017

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