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The Neuroscience of Human Bias

You may have realized October has been a month of celebrating our differences. Today, we are featuring yet another article on diversity and inclusion.

We are taught to think of ‘bias’ as a bad thing. In reality, our biases help us get through our day to day. For example, when we wake up in the morning, we don’t know whether our car is going to work or the bus is going to show up when we arrive at the stop; however, we assume it will and structure our day accordingly. Majority of our biases help us get through life. The catch is in understanding the difference between our thoughts and what arguably is reality. Being aware of prejudice as a leader is key!

A big part of behavioural change for any human being is the understanding of why we think, feel, and act in a certain way.

When you are willing to understand, you are presented with a choice – to change or to be a part of change. Without understanding how we, human beings function & without acquired awareness though, it is very difficult to express self; even more difficult to relate to others.

We asked our new contributor, Sinan Canan, who is a well-recognized neuroscientist and academic in Turkey, to provide some tips on the neuroscience of human perception bias.

We hope you enjoy and learn something new!


  • 30 October 2017
Sinan Canan

By Sinan Canan

Co-Founder of Acik Beyin Education and Consultancy firm, Sinan Canan is continuing his academic career in the Department of Psychology at Uskudar University in Istanbul as a neuroscientist. He is actively offering conferences, talks and education classes on neuroscience topics like Mind and Brain, Chaos Theory, Learning, Forms in Nature....


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Thank you very much for this nice presentation, it is wonderful and clear messages for human. I look forward to watch new contribution.

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Suleyman, thank you for feedback. It means a lot to us. We welcome you to subscribe with our platform for future blog and video articles. Warm regards,

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