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What is a Thriving Organization?

We have been talking a lot about evolving the concept of workplace and making work experience better for many. As many of our contributors consult on the topic and work with organizations that thrive, we took it upon us to have them share their knowledge and experiences with you in the new year.

The first series is with our contributor, Simon Marshall, who is the Co-Founder of WhyNot Partnering.

In a series of 3 videos, we will be talking to Simon about

  • What a Thriving Organization is,
  • How to Create a Thriving Organization,
  • Leading the Change into Becoming a Thriving Organization.

The first of the video above is about those organizations and leaders, which provide a psychologically safe, fun, engaging and productive environments to their workforces. We call these organizations that ‘thrive’ or ‘why-based organizations’. We asked Simon about the various characteristics of these organizations and what it means to be one…

We hope you enjoy and share back your feedback in the comments section. Enjoy!


  • 23 January 2017

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