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Whirling Chief

Why Whirling Chief?

We believe traditional ways of working are a thing of the past. Instead, our desire is to explore new and revolutionary business and human resources practices in all their richness and depth. How might they best fit into our complex and dynamic 21st century lives?

We envision work environments, where more people can experience feelings of inspiration, safety, joy and receive recognition for their true and unique contributions globally.

We want to bring meaning, wisdom, and humanity into the workplace and workplace practices, so more of us around the globe can live up to and realize our full potential.

We envision work experiences where more of us:

  • Understand and acknowledge our humanity: physiology and psychology of human beings
  • Have the necessary skills to continuously develop self-awareness, self-affirmation, and self-control
  • Understand industrial and organizational psychology to become productive members of organizations, and to contribute in meaningful ways
  • Adopt and utilize people practices that are better suited for the human self, motivation, and productivity, and in alignment with today’s realities (i.e. technology, data management)
  • Lead by example
  • Live healthier and happier lives

We call our platform ‘Whirling Chief’ to bring forward the concept of whirling dervishes, leaders who bring awareness, passion, connection, and harmony to their worlds. Similarly, we see the possibility in our work – to demonstrate our individual and collective needs to connect with self, environment and others on a constant and meaningful basis. We wanted to make a statement that all ‘work’ as well as all ‘workplaces’ touch human beings. And those organizations that thrive are driven by human beings thriving at an individual level and team level.