Where a growing circle of business leaders comes to share, learn, and inspire organizations to put people first

Whirling Chief

How We Do It?

To bring the kind of change required to renew business and people practices, we understand the importance of connecting field experience to academic and institutional leadership.

We do all our work in collaboration with our partners, who join us in asking difficult questions, pushing for new and human-centric solutions and harnessing the transformative power of science and technology.

We actively connect with the working field to understand workers’ realities.

We highlight emerging, applied “next practices,” and the organizations and leaders who are exploring the value found in these approaches.

We dig deep for cutting-edge academic research that points the way to new areas of experimentation.

We look for organizations who are seeing a measureable return on their experiments and investments in these areas to put findings into practice.

We aspire to provide and work in a safe and fun learning environment, where our partners willingly and joyfully come together to share their knowledge in support of inspiring and enabling others.

How We Strategize, Measure, and Evaluate Our Work?

We welcome all partnership and research opportunities that align with our mission and strategies.

With each investment, we evaluate to understand the balance between the impact the work would drive into the global workplace, the change required, and the sustainability element. One of the most important steps in the strategizing process is to reach an agreement on what success would look like for the investment.

Once an investment is proposed, reviewed, and accepted, appropriate resources are allocated to manage, monitor, and measure each program effectively.

Measure & Evaluate
During the strategizing process, we work to define program-specific key result indicators with our partners to then measure and evaluate the efficacy of our work.

We do not have a one-size-fits-all evaluation process for each investment made; however, we do believe in monitoring, measuring and evaluating the work’s success.