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Meet Our Core Team

Sesil Pir

Organizational psychology is something I fell in love with accidentally. More specifically, growing organizations, nurturing talent and touching human lives is what I love most. I came to this realization after beginning my career as a marketing strategist, then spending two decades traveling the globe in various Human Resources Management roles. I believe in many things, among them that a human’s capacity to love and learn is endless; life is a beautiful thing, as can be your work; and that we should let life use us all as a vehicle to touch others’ lives. Keeping all this in mind, in early 2015 I set out to create a fun learning environment for me and other kindred spirits. Our sole mission is to provide a safe and fun environment, where people can come to learn about a wide range of organizational effectiveness topics. And I consider myself blessed for every opportunity we are awarded, every partnership we build, and every collaboration we seize.


Hülya Akça

Hülya Akça

I am a designer, communicator and problem solver, based in Brussels, Belgium, who enjoys collaborating in multidisciplinary teams. What I Iove most about being a designer is learning about different professions through every new project that I am involved in. My experience working in Ankara, Munich, Seattle, Chicago and Barcelona has widened my horizons and made my approach to design more holistic. My goal is to understand my clients, share their enthusiasm and guide them through the design process, so the final product meets their business needs. I grew up in Marmaris, Turkey with the sweet scent of orange orchards and the salty breeze of the Aegean Sea.