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A New Welcome Video!

Hello dear friends and colleagues,

We are back from our annual holidays and rested as a team; we hope you are enjoying your summer in return.

Some of you may remember roughly a year ago we had created a YouTube channel for Whirling Chief, hoping to build a few prototype videos to gauge for on-going interest.

You may appreciate the process of creation is often a lonely process — one that demands a ton of solitude and patience; however, we are humbled by the fact that not only ~800 of you subscribed to our channel, asking us to continue the work, we found ourselves now in company of many incredible partners like Science for Work and Stanford University’s CCARE to support out cause.

Together with these wonderful organizations, we desire to explore new and revolutionary business and people practices in their richness and depth as they may best fit into our 21st century, complex, and dynamic lives.

We want to usher wellbeing, wisdom, and compassion into our workplaces and help build work environments, where more of us can experience benefits of finding meaning, inspiration, safety and joy day to day.

On this video channel then, we will present you with short (3 to 5 min.) videos on evidence-based people leadership and organizational management practices. In the back end, we will engage in thrill search and analysis of the latest scientific research (on neuroscience, biology, I/O psychology, etc.) and curate simple, yet pragmatic summaries that will:

  • provide nuancing,
  • present data and evidence,
  • provoke critical thinking,
  • help ask the “right” questions,
  • bring in a balanced perspective.

The next step in the process is, of course, to find strong, credible sponsors, who will share our enthusiasm and passion.☺

We want to make work experiences better and we ask you to join us in the journey!

You can support us through subscribing to our channel and by simply sharing our content. We thank you in advance.


  • 6 August 2018

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