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Adjusting to a New Workplace… A Mutual Responsibility…

Starting a new role can be both exciting and stressful at the same time.

There is so much to take in…

Recruiters, first-line people leads, and HR professionals often work harder during this time to support new joiners. A good on-boarding plan becomes super helpful and yet, the desire to get acclimated into a new environment, new colleagues, small and large cultures, new expectations, new goals can still be overwhelming…

It is not uncommon for professionals to second-guess their decision nor to get adjusted in time. Either way, the initial 90 days is a critical time of  ‘mutual learning’ between an organization and the individual.

In order to help new employees gain momentum and confidence, we shared a list of ‘best’ tips for turning the time spent into a more fulfilling experience.

Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional in charge, it is worth to remind self that we have a choice!

Thank you for watching. Enjoy!


  • 16 May 2018

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