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Developing A Sense Of Responsibility: Why Emotional Insight Is Critical For The Future Of Work

The aim of future organizations is to cultivate an environment, where the majority of its constituents (if not all) can thrive through unleashing of potential and the aim of leadership is to grow independent artists that can effectively participate in the process of recreation.

There is one major roadblock to the acclaimed mission – the condition of our human spirits.

Majority of us start our adult working lives on a condition of dependency. Similar to an experience in childhood, we have a need to gain new knowledge, to develop skills through application and to grow a sense of intuitive intelligence on our way to mastery. The difference is that by the time we reach the age for joining the workforce, we have already grown a deep sense of personal identity and often, a deeper sense of separateness, neither of which we had as children. The kind of interruptions and mental models we may have encountered during our developmental phase(s) up until we show up in the workplace combined with unattainable goals and aggravated expectations mandated onto us end up manifesting itself then as various behaviors of fragmentation, alienation, emotional stickiness or mental exhaustion.

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  • 5 June 2019

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