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Going Back To The Future: Designing Organizational Cultures Of Compassion, Wisdom And Well-Being

On October 25, the New York Times published an article on the misconducts that led to the largest employee protest in the history of Google.

Two days later, my husband, who is a technical leader at the company, came home demoralized. “I thought we were different,” he said. “I feel confused.” Some minutes later he shared, “Thank you for doing what you are doing!”

He understands what I do for a living and my mission to create meaningful experiences for every member of the global workforce always, yet one doesn’t really internalize the value of a purpose until an experience hits home.

It has become increasingly clear to many of us in the global business world that our work-experience story is facing a crisis of confidence. In the current environment, we have so eloquently created, people have become an instrument for fueling capitalism and capitalism alone. If we consider that business was established to develop societies by nourishing our humanity, it becomes less surprising that we find our work experience rapidly losing value as business becomes decoupled from our human identities. Across all industries, sectors and geographies, we find employees feeling increasingly more irrelevant, more misplaced, without intent or safety inside elaborate structures and workplaces.

There is a deep and silent suffering inside our organizations. For more, please visit the original of our article at Forbes.com here


  • 10 December 2018

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