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Leading Self

Earlier this year, we introduced the concept of a ‘thriving’ organization. What’s a thriving organization? Thriving organizations are those organizations that provide psychologically safe, fun, engaging, and productive environments for their employees, and that are sourced (driven) from their WHY.

These organizations are also often known as being particularly successful at driving innovation and change. Further, these organizations are almost always made up of leaders and employees who thrive at an individual level.

In this video, we discuss how leading effective organizations and change requires leading others effectively, and how leading others effectively starts by leading self first.

For more information on thriving organizations and how to create one, you can check out our videos published earlier:

What is a Thriving Organization?

How to Create a Thriving Organization?

If interested in a new Leadership Curriculum for your organization, you can also inquire with us.

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  • 20 March 2017

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