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Re-Imagining the Way We Work!

As the world is at the cusp of re-visioning self with the power of digitalization, globalization and democratization, there are two major trends humanity is dealing with on a day to day basis:

  • Organization’s immense effort to stay relevant,
  • Human beings’ immense desire to find meaning.

Across industries, sectors and geographies, and regardless of scale and maturity levels, all organizations and their leaders share similar questions regarding the future: What will we refer to as ‘work’ tomorrow? Who will make up our workforce? What skills and capabilities will be needed? How will we integrate AI, robotics, infotech and biotech? Who will lead our organizations? Who will follow? Which educations will be preliminary to support pipeline growth?

While we witness dismantling of business models, reforming of organizational structures and introduction of technological advancements in front of our eyes, let’s make sure to not overlook one key fact: “the most common person feel(ing) increasingly irrelevant” in the current dynamic.

In the 21st century, not only more and more of us are looking for meaningful experiences in life, we are especially seeking for more meaning, inspiration, safety and joy in the workplace.

The success of businesses hoping to take advantage of this new revolution depends, paradoxically, on their capacity to awaken the humanity in their organizations.

While as a community we are committed to supporting this transition, we really want to engage new age leaders in a regenerative process towards re-envisioning future. We want to build constructive energy towards the kind of work experiences we want to create and live in.

Therefore, last week, the Employee Engagement Zone published a e-Book compiling many interviews of expert professionals specializing in employee engagement and culture matters, many of whom will serve as a panel judge for 2018 Employee Engagement awards, including our Founder, Sesil Pir.

When it comes to leadership (which we are all a part of), it is not always easy to distinguish between ‘doing’ what we are called to do and ‘being’ what we want to do. The most prestigious position can be an expression of obedience to our “call”, as well as a sign of our refusal to hear it.

We invite you to listen and share the magic of hope… Hope of becoming…


  • 10 September 2018

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