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The Future of Work Centenary Initiative

At Whirling Chief, we believe traditional ways of working are a thing of the past. Instead, our desire is to explore new and revolutionary business and human resources practices in all their richness and depth. As everything around us evolves with the dynamics of globalization, digitalization and democratization, we look to evolve the concept of work and work practices.

With this focus, we were granted the opportunity to spend time with thought leaders around the world at ILO’s upcoming ‘The Future of Work‘ dialogue in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Future of Work Centenary Initiative presents an important step to gain greater understanding of the changes we are witnessing and to develop effective policy responses that can shape the future of work.  The Symposium will be structured around the Initiative’s four “centenary conversations” — work and society, decent jobs for all, the organization of work and production, and the governance of work – and will gather international thinkers and actors who are at the forefront of debates on each topic.

As we would like to present the views of our readers, please comment below and let us know what topics you’d like to hear more of and/or which questions you’d like us to carry forward in the dialogues. In return, we will feed our findings and talk summary back to you later in April.


  • 29 March 2017

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