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What drives employee satisfaction at work?

Good Morning Everyone! We wanted to continue our second week by focusing on some positive elements and behaviors that affect employee satisfaction at work. There are so many of us craving to create that vibrant learning environment at work, project sites like Whirling Chief, Re:Work and CHReate are slowly taking off, so exciting!!

Most research studies tell us there are four key motivation factors associated with any job: Work content, environment, opportunities to grow, and rewards.

  • Ever consider structuring the work in a meaningful way so that your staff can see the value of their delivery, and how it fits into the larger agenda?
  • How about providing a fun, safe environment where your team members can question you or any other authority, and can learn from each other and their mistakes?
  • Have you given them enough visibility? Look for opportunities where they can grow and showcase their skills. For example, maybe take employees with you in rotation to senior meetings?
  • Are you rewarding them appropriately? This is going to be different for everyone, therefore you must understand which monetary and non-monetary rewards each team member values and cater to that.

What else? Perhaps some behaviors?

  • Thought about smiling, or saying “Good Morning” in the elevator? (I can’t tell you how many times I have been with an executive in an elevator, and all s/he does is look at their phone to appear busy – lame!)
  • Have you shown humility and vulnerability? Sought their opinion, or even help, at times? (If you don’t know how, stay tuned, we will share with you how to do that over future postings.)
  • Can you try keeping a positive attitude most of the time? Unless you are a surgeon and there is a life/death scenario on the table, try to remember we can solve anything and everything through communication, people! Life is better and we are stronger through learnings.
  • Last but not least, how about sharing ‘care?’ Try looking out for people who are not on your team, and/or caring for things that are not in your assigned scope, extending your leadership horizon.

We strongly believe people learn by doing, and we believe in the power of role modeling. Next time you walk the halls of your office, imagine taking part in a wonderful work environment, then, go make it happen…


  • 22 June 2016

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From the rewards standpoint, it is monetary or non-monetary, the literature says that rewards are good motivators for the employees. However, nowadays, some writers (Deci, Pink) claims that especially financial rewards such as performance-based payment really increase the motivation of the employees or not, also, it is the important issue of the size of the rewards, or motivational-based rewards create addiction, or external rewards are more valid in the routine jobs?
In my opinion, these points should be really considered while deciding the type of the reward…

Okan Coban says:

Absolutely, thank you for sharing.

Sesil Pir says:


Sesil Pir says:
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