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A Newfound Context For Business: Workplace Considerations For 2019

Researchers recently discovered a rare and unknown microbe called “hemimastigote” in a piece of Nova Scotian soil. Their subsequent analysis of its DNA revealed that it was a kind of tree that fell outside of any known large category. This reminded me of the times in the early part of this century when we came across that rare structure of life, a newfound context of an organization that’s now famously becoming the “21st century business.”

As the world of work is evolving, shaped by global trends of globalization, digitalization and democratization, business needs to continue adapting to the changing context and its demands. In particular, the growing diversification of organizational work, work experience and workplace considerations will become a distinct feature of today’s labor markets in both developed and developing countries. While some of the more traditional forms of organization will continue disappearing or transforming in the wake of automation, new forms of organizations will continue evolving.

I share some workplace considerations and trends for 2019 on Forbes here.


  • 25 February 2019

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