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Can Work Feel Like Not Work?

A few months back, following WEF 2018, in attempt to provide organizations with some tangible ideas as to how they can map out job transition pathways and consider re-skilling opportunities, using the power of digital data to help guide workers, companies, and governments to prioritise their actions, time and investments, we posted a guiding report in collaboration with other experts.

While the conversation around robots taking over current jobs continue, we have a beautiful opportunity to consider how we can skill up and skill differently across our global workforce.

The VP of Innovation and Strategy at UPS,  David Lee says that we should start designing jobs that unlock our hidden talents and passions – the things we spend our weekends doing – to keep us relevant in the age of robotics. “Start asking people what problems they’re inspired to solve and what talents they want to bring to work,” Lee says.

The quality of our future work experience truly depends on our choices today. The more we can bring human aspect into design conversations, the more we aim to build environments, where people can bring their whole selves to work, the more humility we can demonstrate to share and learn together, the better our work experiences are going to be – individually and collectively.



  • 16 April 2018

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