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Effective Leadership Behaviors

People leads are a key element of our workplaces: they play a big role in people processes and impact experience creation. They can help employees deliver work at the best level possible and they can become a big blocker, too.

For sure, their influence comes up when we speak about employee satisfaction, commitment, performance, or even turn over. Yet, we asked ourselves do we actually know whether people leads can actually make a difference when it comes to specific outcomes?

For example, according to the Center for Creative Leadership, about %60 of people become leaders of others without getting any proper training. A 2016 survey of 500 managers from micro-learning platform Grovo found that 44 percent felt unprepared for their role. McKinsey studies list “more than 80% of frontline managers are unhappy with their own first-time performance.”

Despite the odds (with or without training), evidence tells us people leaders can make a difference in driving outcomes and they do!

To enable success through growth in the new century, people leaders really need to learn how to support inspiration and meaning in another human being – before they are granted the authority to lead others. AND, there are a few specific behaviors that help them support more positive outcomes.

Today, we share a short, evidence-based video in partnership with ScienceforWork around key leadership behaviors for effective team performance.

We hope you enjoy!


  • 30 January 2019

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