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Getting Ready for a Review? Start by Shifting Focus!

“In broaching the possibility of ‘being’ … we have to imagine a world, in which celebration is less suspect than criticism,” wrote psychoanalyst Adam Phillip in Unforbidden Pleasures, published last year.

Q4 and Q1 in business means everybody is preparing for some sort of performance management activity.

It feels odd to recognize the fact that, despite our need to go through the process, most of us involved as employees, people leaders and practitioners will not find joy in the process. For yet another year, this often-annual task will fail miserably to meet the needs and expectations of our workforce.

If you are looking to re-imagine your performance management practices, you may want to check out our article, ‘The Future Of Performance Management: A Redesign Leading To Creativity, Resilience And Collaboration‘ on Forbes.


  • 14 January 2019

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