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Everyday Abundance: Why We Must Invest In Finding Purpose

Do you recall that time when you asked yourself why you were here on earth and what you were living for? Or the time you stood in your office wondering why you had taken on your current responsibility? Or the time you had made a choice and stepped into faith to feel like you have lost your way?

I do… Throughout my life and career, I have found myself checking in on my purpose time and time again. Take this one time as an example: It was a crisp fall evening I left my executive office admiring the art on the walls, trying hard not to breathe as to I wouldn’t break down and cry… We had announced restructuring one of our business’ heartlines four days ago. It had gone exceptionally well. The majority of our workforce was excited for the future, realizing product possibilities ahead. We had built a rock-solid leadership team for the group. I had personally prepared promotional arguments and worked on compensation packages of several well-seasoned, high performing, highly-deserving team members. There was an element of thoughtfulness and care in the process. That morning, I had received a phone call from the ex-chairman of the company announcing we’d dissolve the new structure as he “had a better idea for rebuilding our capacity.” After spending a whole day on calls and meetings, I had walked out of the campus, feeling the warm tears falling through my cheeks against the fresh air. I asked myself, “Why, why am I even here?”

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  • 27 May 2019

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