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How Can Poetry Benefit Business?

By Fateme Banishoeib

Last week at the World Economic Forum 2018, I heard infamous Yuval Noah Harari speak on a topic very dear to all our hearts: The future of humanity.

Of course, we, as Whirling Chief community are most interested in how the future of humanity will evolve in relationship to work, work experience and work places.

Following his talk, when asked about who should be the owners of data and data regulation in the 21st century, Professor Harari very humbly said “I don’t know”; then he continued to say “… perhaps we should ask scientists and experts and poets – especially poets in the room…”

That was just music to my ears… Trying to solve futuristic problems – problems we have never faced before – in a linear, traditional fashion is not just naive, it is slightly underwhelming to my heart.

Running business by focusing on the ‘doing’ won’t serve the progress of humankind. Technology has already surpassed humans in that. What can be replenished now is the human element.

Fateme Banishoeib, one of our contributors and Founder of a Think Tank called Renew Business, is a strategic leadership consultant for teams and organizations seeking transformational change. Her specialty is creating cultures of innovation and inclusion. She understands corporate environments from having spent years leading them as a Fortune 500 executive. Her latest book “The Whisper” charting the journey from leadership of self to leadership of others was one of our most favorite reads in 2017.

Recently, we traveled to Lugano together as a team, where we watched Fateme give her first Tedx speech. She talks to the business community about how poetry can benefit business and vice versa.

Let your mind wonder for a little while on this beautiful Monday before we summarize our Forum notes for you all next…


  • 29 January 2018

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