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Whirling Chief

Interested in a Life Experiment?

“I have booked myself into a lovely apartment with a view for three days. This is my attempt to take myself off of autopilot and see what happens.

Going in, I am aware that it is not going to be easy to stay clear of the “should“, the “need to“, the “must” and instead, focus on the “want.” I will be conscious of the way I think and react. Otherwise, the days would pass in a breeze, and I would leave the apartment none the wiser.

I intend to be present, observe simple behaviours, and see the balance of automatic motion against the selective action.

The reason behind it all is to evoke curiosity in fellow humans to explore how free we actually are in designing our own lives.

If we can’t even undertake a mundane task on free will, how are we expected to be the architects of our destinies?

Here we go…”

This is a blurb from a recent blog written by our dear colleague and partner at Awakening Humanity at Work program we are co-sponsoring with Stanford University’s CCARE, Asli Aker…

Asli is a long time colleague and a friend from my Microsoft years. She is an organisational development expert and an amazing executive coach! She is a rebel like many of us, often trying to make better sense of life and our shared experiences. Not to mention she is courageous enough to lock herself up in a hotel room for three days to test her way of ‘being’ – her mind, her body, her senses…

Today, a wonderful, playful summary on a Life Experiment!

We hope you enjoy.


  • 30 April 2018

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