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Open-Heart Surgery For Fairness: Why We Need Compassion In The Future Of Work

Over the course of my lifetime, I have come to know a lot of pain and suffering.

Being a byproduct of multi-cultural, multi-religious parents, who were suffering from an identity crisis, I have come very early to learn about the struggle for one’s belonging. Growing up in poverty, having to share what one has and not having any luxury to hold new curiosities, I have come to understand the struggle for one’s security. When I lost one of my parents in an unexpected traffic accident as a teenager and fell into a deep state of confusion, I have come to experience the struggle for one’s search for meaning. As a young woman, when doctors diagnosed me with a serious illness the first time, I came to acknowledge the struggle for one’s longing for healing. Later, traveling the world for business, learning about work conditions and heart-breaking life circumstances of equal human beings, I have come to witness the struggle for one’s joy.

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  • 24 July 2019

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