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We Have Over 1,000 YouTube Subscribers! ⭐️

Yesterday, we received a note from YouTube stating our channel just passed 1K subscribers,which gives us a whole net set of functionality to serve you all better.

What a happy moment! ?

I want to re-iterate that this is a non-profit initiative for all of our partners and us.

Whirling Chief represents not our consulting firm, rather a community of practitioners and leaders, who care to make work better.

ScienceforWork, for example, is an incredible organization that supports us (and you) in research; and you know what? They do so voluntarily and after their work hours.

CCARE is another amazing organization supports us (and you) in grander research and content;and they only operate through grants.

Thrive Global is for-profit born out a need to “take better control of our lives.” They honor NGOs and start-ups like us through their granting so we have the necessary funds to work on new solutions, like the one application we now have in testing.

In return, we dedicate a percentage of our corporate earnings to invest in each research funding, technology build and content development for the benefit of the broader community.

If we are serious about changing our work experiences, we have to realize this is a HUGE task one organization can not undertake alone.

We need the power of our multidisciplinary work.

We need the creativity of science and wisdom together.

We need the voice of our individual leadership and collective humanity.

You can support us and these beautiful organizations through subscribing to our network and/or following us on Twitter.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!



  • 12 December 2018

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