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Which Leadership Behaviors Drive Positive Employee Outcomes?

Leaders are a key element of any workplace: they play a big role in any people process, from selection to talent management and training. In every workforce, employer branding or employee experience survey, leadership comes up as a key category and every kitchen conversation has leader influence as a topic when discussing employee satisfaction, commitment, performance, or even turn over.


Leaders can help employees deliver work at the best level possible. To achieve this, however, they need to motivate folks to perform.

In what exactly can people leaders make a difference? Research across 87 studies found that [effective] managers can improve specific employee outcomes:

  • Help people in their team perform better,
  • Raise their employees’ motivation,
  • Keep people satisfied with their jobs.


Together with our science partners, we tried to summarize in this video!

We do hope you enjoy and consider sharing with others.


  • 6 May 2019

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