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The Transformative Power Of Love In Leadership: How To Cultivate A Culture That Leads From Love

Earlier I published the first piece in a series regarding the transformative power of love in leadership and why it matters in the 21st-century leadership.

As children, most of us experience a deep sense of connection, as if we are a part of something bigger, a broader existence causing us to lead from a place of love, having the peace and comfort of belonging in our hearts. As we grow older, however, with our conscious and all the information is taken in, we find ourselves slowly separate from this sense of belonging and pride.

We see a human being behave in a particular way that provokes a mental image (and consequently an emotion) in us and all of a sudden, we start seeing the individual as an “object,” justifying our state. This causes us to develop an attitude, which often results in us behaving in an inauthentic way, leading the other person to see us as an “object” in return.

In the end, we are in a vicious cycle of “war” despite the civility we try to demonstrate on the surface.

To learn more about how to cultivate a culture that leads from love, please refer to the original article here on Forbes.


  • 20 May 2019

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