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Who are you under your suit?

Last week, we had a new article published in one of UK’s largest HR/OD news portals, HR Zone: Who are you under your suit?

At Whirling Chief, we embrace certain leadership values when it comes to leading people practices and organizational effectiveness work.

One of our core beliefs is that organizational change (or any change for that matter) requires leaders to be able to engage and lead others from the heart. As a follow up, the ability to lead others, among other things, comes from a leader’s ability to better lead self. With this sequence in mind, in the mentioned article, our contributor Friederike Sommer and our Founder Sesil Pir discusses the importance of connecting and reconnecting to self. As we wrap up 2016 here shortly, we hope these tips come as an inspiration to all of us…

Please enjoy and do tell us how/if any of these ideas resonate with your experiences.

Thank you!




  • 12 December 2016

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