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Wonder In The Workplace: How Curiosity Can Prepare Us For The Future Of Work

I keep a number of quotes in my work office wall for a routine reading throughout my days.

One of them is by 92 years’ young Benedictine monk David Steindl Rast.

It says, “Today is a wonderful new day, I have never seen it before.”

We live in a sea of complex and contradictory messages concerning the nature of our value and standards in this day of age. There are constant tensions we are being asked to manage between the agendas of the individual and the collective, the organization and the constituents, the government and the society, etc. Whether we are a “global senior director of research and innovation” at a multi-national corporation or a “veterinarian” in a small local clinic, we are each stretched for our ability to live consciously and beyond our developed capacities. Even though as human species, our survival, well-being and skillful adaptation to a given context are highly shaped by the quality of our awareness and choices, we have literally become limited in our ability to think, to feel, to be. This is largely dominated by environmental factors and certainly by some chosen habits.

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  • 3 July 2019

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