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Congrats, You’ve Hired New Talent! Now How Do You Keep ‘Em?

Ready for an alarming fact? A majority of corporations lose 33% of newly hired talent within the first year. One-friggin’-third! Scary, right?

When it comes to talent acquisition, organisations tend to assume their fresh employee is a lock-in after the oftentimes gruelling interview-and-selection process. We are here to tell you they are most definitely not! ☺ Staffing is not only the most important people process you’ll lead, but it is also a multi-faceted activity that requires more than just interviews.

On-boarding can (and does!) play a big role in offering your new hires better support and a more positive experience in this vital transition. In fact, new hires are 69% more likely to stay at a company for 3 years if they were a part of a well-structured on-boarding program. In the following article by Think Wise,  Whirling Chief and our expert HR colleagues get into finer detail why on-boarding is key and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

For general tips on recruitment and selection, you can also refer to our YouTube video here.


  • 18 September 2017

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