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Prepare for the New Year…Mentally and Physically!

The Christmas slash holiday break is always a very good time for reflection.

Professionally, we’ve spent a year working towards our objectives, revamped strategy for the new year ahead, and often already communicated to the stakeholders appropriately.

Personally, many of us prepare for a gathering with the family, with some planning for a holiday either in the mountains or at the seaside…

What do I do?

Me, I switch off everything – fly to the beach, take care of my body, cut all routine activities, get together with friends, and talk a lot about nothing. ☺ I take time to meditate, try to regain a sense of myself – enjoying the here and now.

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning…” – Louis L’amour

The New Year begins with the question: What will be new, what can I expect, what is awaiting ahead for me?

Sometimes we engage in this exercise of ‘what about?’. We sit around with friends and ask ourselves what if <fill in the blank> is not important anymore. For example, what if it was not important to:

  • receive good feedback for my success?
  • impress anybody with my beauty and wisdom?
  • have a purpose or clear direction?
  • make others feel valued?
  • be in the driver seat and have a destination to reach?

You see how the activity goes?

After, we would ask ourselves, “Who would I be in those circumstances?” “Who would you be?” “What is my real purpose?” or “What is your real purpose if achieving success, being in the driver seat, or being appreciated is not appealing anymore?”

This helps us strip away all the thoughts, worries, perceptions and obligations we bring onto ourselves. It also helps us reflect on who we really are vs. who we often operate as.

From this space of recognition, we work to welcome truth, passion, and joy of life. We acknowledge our wish to welcome all that will provide energy and nourishment – what, in reality, makes us feel excited and happy.

We welcome all that we do well, and what brings goodness, truth and intimacy into this world.

We welcome being present and listening to our true inner needs; we welcome being kind and gentle to ourselves and others.

We welcome space, trust, faith, and patience. With that, I welcome you and the new year to come!  Happy New Year!



  • 30 November 2016

By Friederike Sommer

After a 20-year career in the healthcare industry, Friederike Sommer is now a consultant, focusing on coaching and mentoring, leadership training and development, and strategic project management and communications. She also provides moderation and facilitation for business events around the world. She began her career in India, as a faculty...


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