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Tips for First-Time Managers

Happy Friday All!

Today, we are featuring a new video, sharing some non-technical quick tips for first time managers.

Whether we take part in a small or large organization, we tend to know managers play a critical role in shaping employee’s everyday reality. What we don’t discuss much is how impactful of an opportunity this is to take part in and shape someone else’s development. Effective managers help build successful leaders and healthy organizations. It is vital we take the time necessary to invest in our managers, to educate and coach them around what it really means to be a manager.

By the virtue of this post, we would like to share with you a wonderful resource in parallel: a tool, a book on Manager On-boarding by a colleague, Sharlyn Lauby, feel free to check it out!

And please, let us know what other ‘unspoken’ topics you’d like us to cover when it comes to being a manager.

Remember: The more we share, the stronger we become as a community!


  • 29 July 2016

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